(Week 6 Assignments: September 10-14) – 7th Grade

Mavis Beacon
Turn in as follows:

  • Assignment #2
  • Assignment #3
  • Assignment #4
  • Assignment #5

MSBCS-BCSII-1: Students will reinforce keyboarding techniques.
MSBCS-BCSII4: The student will utilize word processing software.
MSBCS-BCSII-5: The student will utilize spreadsheet software.
MSBCS-BCSII-9: The student will utilize desktop publishing software.
MSBCS-BCSII-10: The student will demonstrate an understanding of ethics and potential dangers related to the use of the Internet.

What are the home row keys?
How does learning the home row keys improve efficiency and WPM (word per minute)?
How do you use a spreadsheet program to tabulate totals?


(Mr. Camp Out of Class- Half Day)

1) Turn in any assignments listed in the agenda message above that you have not sent.

2) Open Mavis Beacon and click “Take a Lesson” for the remainder of class.


Open Mavis Beacon and click “Take a Lesson”


What is the keyboard shortcut to bold text within Excel or other Office programs? (Hint: Search online if needed.)


How do you begin a formula within Excel?


Imagine that you were teaching other students how to use Microsoft Excel. What do you think is the most important skill, idea, or concept to teach?